Current Treatment (As of September 2013) May 2013 marks 1 year of treatment!


  • Armour Thyroid: 60 mg, 90 mg M, W, Fri
  • Lugol’s Iodine: 2 drops daily
  • Cortef (Hydrocortisone): Stopped November 2012
  • Ashwagonda Supreme Adrenal Adaptogen: 2 capsule am 2 capsule noon and 1 capsule pm
  • Gaia Adrenal Health: 2 Capsule, AM, Noon and PM
  • DHEA: 10 mg am for adrenal support

Estrogen Dominance:

  • Progesterone: 50mg Cream at night 2 click


  • Morinda Supreme: finished July 2012, second round started August 2012, finished November 2012. Third round started January 2013, Finished My 2013.
  • Acidophilus/ Bifodus: 4 capsules daily, 1 TBSP daily Raw Organic Sauerkraut (a natural probiotic)
  • HHS Formula (digestive enzymes): 1 capsule with breakfast 2capsules with dinner
  • Candidase: 1 capsule nightly (for Candida)


  • Vitamin D3- 10,000 IU 2x a week
  • B Complex 6 tablets daily
  • Magnesium 400 mg daily at noon
  • Vitamin C 6,000 mg daily 2x a day (4,ooo in am and 2,000 noon)
  • Zinc 1000 mg 21capsules am
  • Prenatal Vitamin: 1-2 daily
  • Vitamin E: 400 mg daily *800 mg for seasonal allergies
  • Coconut Oil, Omega 3


Candida and “Leaky Gut” diagnosed in April 2012

Severe Gluten Intolerance diagnosed in August 2012

  • No Gluten
  • No Dairy
  • No sugar or artificial sweetners (only stevia, some honey (raw preferred)
  • Low carbs (no rice, potatoes, little corn)
  • No Coffee


This blog is a written account of my experience and is intended to educate readers about thyroid problems, autoimmune diseases and wellness options.

I am not a medical professional.

Any information, ideas and suggestions presented on this site or related endorsements are for educational, informational, and entertainment purposes only. The information contained on this site should by no means be considered a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical professional, who should always be consulted before beginning any new diet, exercise, supplement or other health program. Please consult with your physician or health care provider if you have concerns about your health.


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