An update, as promised.

Here I am.

I know it’s been a while. 

I’ll try to make up for it with a ridiculously long post.

The last couple of weeks have been interesting, confusing and busy. I have had a couple of appointments with my Osteopathic NP since my last post.  I would say I am officially on a journey, although I have no idea where I am going.  It’s frustrating but I do feel like I’m in good hands.

My long-awaited and very extensive blood work revealed “relatively good” T4 and T3 levels according to my NP.  I have slightly elevated cholesterol and low vitamin D and B’s.  She explained that she could put me on thyroid hormone, but with my levels being where they are she would be concerned that it would have the opposite effect and send me in to hyper symptoms.  I asked her why my temperatures were as low as they were and why I was experiencing a number of hypo symptoms.  She hasn’t been able to answer that so far. Instead, she had me start taking Lugol’s Iodine Solution and up my Vitamin B’s in addition to the other supplements and probiotics I already take daily. Her reasoning was that because my thyroid levels were “relatively good”, perhaps the iodine would help with the transfer of the T3 to my cells.

I take 6 drops of Lugols Iodine Solution in a glass of water each morning.  It looks something like this:

 I also  take Vitamin B Complex in the morning and again in the afternoon, around 2:00, to keep my energy somewhat level.  I wouldn’t say I’ve seen immediate results, but I have noticed that at the end of the day, I feel like work days are more productive. I have even had enough energy, on occasion, to work on different house and yard projects without paying for it for a few days after.  No day is ever the same but I do feel “brighter” some days, if that makes any sense. Having enough energy to do activities I enjoy is really encouraging, even if that involves pulling weeds in my yard!

I am also maintaining my no dairy, gluten, carbs and sugar “food lifestyle” and I definitely believe this has contributed to feeling physically better.  I haven’t experienced nearly has many energy crashes after meals, headaches and general blech-ness.  I don’t know how long we will stay this course, but I am trying to learn to trust her and what treatment she believes is best for me now.  I continue to experience many of the same symptoms: fatigue, heart flutters, foggy thinking, anxiety, shakiness, acne, no weight loss.

She also increased my progesterone to 90 mg (sorry, not 45) because my cycle started to shorten again (back to 23 days from 25 last month) and I’ve started noticing hot flashes/sweats at night.  Not as bad as before, but noticeable. She thinks the increase in progesterone will start to lengthen my cycle again.  Our goal is 28 days.

At my appointment last week I asked about my weight and how I am surprised that despite consistent diet changes after my first appointment in April I have continued to maintain my weight. This has and never will be about me wanting to lose weight except to be healthy, but seriously, all I eat are almonds, almond butter, vegetables, legumes, some fruit and lean organic meat and my weight hasn’t budged in almost 2 months. At all. She explained that my body is in a major transition and there is a lot of adjusting happening right now.  The best thing I can do is to be consistent and to let my body focus on healing (as I crunch on a cucumber).

I have updated my Treatment page to include all the supplements I take and the iodine.

I’m working on a really lengthy post about an appointment with a Fertility Specialist I had a little while ago.  I’m still trying to put my thoughts together. It’s a difficult one to write about because it requires me to really think about the reality of my situation and what I am willing and unwilling to do.  It is a potentially touchy topic for others facing infertility and I want it to be shared in an open, honest and sensitive way because I think it is vital to my story and this journey.



Ugh. My doctor’s office called again. They contacted the lab and my blood results still aren’t finished. My appointment is rescheduled for May 21st. 

Two more weeks of waiting, wondering, trudging.

Just keep moving.