It’s not a diet. It’s a “food lifestyle”

It has been a year since I started making permanent changes to my diet. As I learn more about thyroid disease, I continue to adapt and make changes. I found this great article the other day about the Paleo diet and thyroid. The article also explains the importance of gut health, and how gluten and adrenal insufficiency affect thyroid function.
Until recently I was still eating some starches: gluten free flours, beans and legumes, my beloved corn tortilla chips (sniff). I have been slowly reducing the remaining starches from my diet. I hear from many thyroid patients who have had success with managing their weight and symptoms that the paleo diet was most helpful–and doable. So far I am finding it simplifies my shopping even more and I am enjoying what I eat. I keep a food journal which helps me track how much protein and complex carbs I am consuming through the day. I am learning what time of day I have the most cravings for something salty and sweet (between 3 and 5, btw) and I try to pack the right type of snack for my late afternoon “witching hour”
I am trying to be really mindful of my motivation for “going paleo,” sadly many thyroid patients are accused by some medical professionals of just wanting thyroid meds to lose weight (really, I’m not making that up). I have tried so many starvation diets that promised results, I joined Weight Watchers 3 times in the last 6 years, I started running several times a week but my weight never budged. In my adult life I have always been active but my weight just continued to increase. I have often said to myself, “be glad you are pretty tall for a woman. If you we’re any shorter you couldn’t hide being 30 pounds overweight as easily.”
My first priority will always be my health and how I feel, not a number on a scale or the size of my clothes. However, I do feel responsible for knowing what I eat, how much I eat and certainly how the food I eat affects my body.


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