One year update

I have passed the one year mark since I started working with Joanie. Since my last post in January, I continue to feel better, stronger and more alive. My Armour dose seems to be working well, I take 90 mcg daily and I increase it to 120 a couple of times a week. This is working well and I am so encouraged!
My adrenals also continue to improve although it is a constant balance of not over doing it and resting when I know I need it. I recently added 5 mg of DHEA for additional adrenal support. So far it seems like a good addition and that my body was ready for it. I haven’t experienced any side effects at this point.
The candida I have been fighting seems to be surrendering… FINALLY! I continue to take Morinda Supreme because, according to Joanie, it is helping to push it out of my body and that is a good thing.
I am happy to say that I have been incorporating some exercise into my daily routine. No cardio at this point (besides walking) but I am doing strength exercises focusing on my core for 30-40 minutes a day. My body seems to like this and I have yet to feel any kind of energy crash indicating that I have taxed my adrenals.
So, I am feeling good and looking forward to this summer and spending time outdoors tackling some projects I haven’t had the energy for in a long time.


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