Yoga for Adrenal Fatigue

I have been trying to find a way to work in activity without overdoing it and taxing my adrenals even more than they already are. I know that exercising on a regular basis is essential to my health but I have felt an increase in fatigue over the last several days, especially in the morning, which is when my adrenal levels are tanked so I know I need
to be patient with myself.

I am paying a lot of attention to what I eat and how different foods make me feel. I have definitely noticed I am sensitive to carbs! It’s amazing, I can feel it within a matter of minutes.

Even though I really want to start a fitness routine, I keep reminding myself what others have told me which is to take my time and go slow.

I found this website and I have printed the yoga cards for this gentle yoga routine. I wanted to share in case you are interested.


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