I was tempted to re-start this blog with a title like “In The Beginning” or “Once Upon A Time”.

I’m calling it “Genesis” because, you see, this is my Genesis. 

My new beginning.

It’s a little scary, but the hope I have that I won’t always feel the way I do even as I write this compels me to document it so I can see my progress for myself. 

I may not have a clear idea of what I will write about, but it is very apparent as to why:

  • So I don’t forget where I’ve been and how far I’ve come because I know that is very probable and only a matter of time.  (Such is the case with hypothyroid. The ever present “Brain Fog”).
  • For other people who, like me, are searching for something familiar in my story that may give hope that they can find answers too.

I am about to turn a corner from years of unknown and unrecognized struggles with my health. I am starting a journey to seek freedom from chronic symptoms I had long ago accepted as “normal”.

I am quickly learning that all along I have had a misguided understanding of my health and for more years than I will probably ever know I have been living with hypothyroidism.  

The time has come for me to step out into the unknown and discover truths about my health, my faith and my real potential. 

Here goes everything.


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