The “Worst Blogger” Award Goes to….

(boo, hiss, *throw rotten tomatoes*)

Oh, good grief.  It happened again, didn’t it?  Weeks Months have passed and I have neglected this little corner of the web. My only excuse is the truth.  I’m busy!  Work, husband, family, house, laundry, repeat. 

Allow me to share a few highlights of what I’ve been up to:

Wanderings:  Since the first week of February I have delved into the world of running and I love it.  I’m no marathoner (not sure I will ever be) and that’s okay because that’s not why I do it.  These days I average about 10 miles a week.  I would like that number to be higher, but a lingering left ankle injury in March keeps me from pushing myself too hard, so I’m taking my time and building strength at my own pace.  I enjoy the experience of running and the high that comes after a good run.  I track all of my miles this year and will add that to the miles I spend hiking.  As for hiking, I am gearing up for a backpacking trip later this month (August).

Projects: This is where most of my extra time has been spent since you heard from me last.  I have put together my plan to complete several home improvement projects around our house this year and I will enjoy sharing them when I am am finished.  I will post them here as I complete them.  Sewing, crafting and home decor projects coming soon! I do have a couple of pictures of a few things I am working on:

Food:  I have stumbled upon some really great recipes recently and have succesfully created some of my own.  I am maintaining gluten-free cooking at home. July marked one year since I began reducing (not quite eliminating) gluten from my diet. It also marks a year since I started using chemical free products (hygeine, cleaning). I’m not 100% by any means, but I have definitely changed my way of living and feel heathier for it!

Bookworm Chronicles: Not going to go there. Page 534. 3 Years and counting….


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