Measure twice, cut once.

photo credit- Jeff

Last Saturday I made my first trip to the fabric store (two stores, actually) to pick out fabric for a couple of gifts I am making for friends. I have SEVEN friends who are expecting in the next 6 months!  That’s a lot of babies!  I’m excited that I can now make something as opposed to buying something from the store.  I have to confess, it’s also good excuse to look at all the darling baby-themed fabrics. 

Although I was looking forward to getting started, I was also nervous because the patterns/tutorials I am using I found for free on other sewing blogs.  My first sewing project: Buttercup Bag from Made-by-Rae used pre-measured fat quarters, so I just picked out the fabric I liked and headed for the register.  This time I had to do some figuring as to how much fabric I needed for three sets and, well, my math skills are pretty lame-o.  When I got to the first store I chose the cute boy- themed material and waited in line at the fabric counter.  When my number was up I timidly told the person helping me  “I actually have no idea what I am doing, so can you check my math?”  Thankfully, I had a very kind and seasoned seamstress named Becky who took a lot of time double-checking my figures to make sure I didn’t leave the store short on fabric.  She also gave me some great tips which boosted my confidence.  I think she was happy to share her knowledge with a newbie.  I was very grateful for Becky! 

By the time I got the second store I had shed my amateur status (in my mind at least), stepped up to the counter with my fabric and confidently explained what I needed.  It was great!

Once I was home, I washed all of the fabric and set to work cutting out my pattern templates from paper.  I’m keeping this project under wraps to try to keep it a surprise for my first 3 friends who are expecting baby boys, but I will be doing a lot of sewing.  A LOT. 

Can’t wait to share the finished projects here!


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