2011: Challenge

Well, 2011 is off to a fast start!  I can’t believe we are almost to mid January.  WOW.  Life is busy!  I have some updates as far as the different activities I plan to document on this blog. 

Here are the latest updates:


I am having a lot of fun planning my projects for the next couple of months and decorating my sewing room. I’m not sharing too much now, because several of them are gifts for people.   I’m happy to report that my relationship with “Ruby” the sewing machine continues to grow.  I haven’t shared any projects I have completed here since I made the gifts for my nieces, but trust me I’ve been busy! 

Now that I have an idea of how to use a sewing machine I have altered just about every piece of clothing I own!  Gone are the days of pant legs that are just a little too long.  I also altered my fuzzy hot pink bathrobe and it is now my favorite piece of clothing.  I would consider wearing it to work if I thought I could get away with it.

Hmmm… maybe I could re-fashion it into a pantsuit like this one:

I could call it the "Snuggie" Suit


I am still working on my duct tape dress form.  It’s about 1/3 finished because we ran out of duct tape. I actually think it’s going to work!  “The Hubs” is working on plans to make a stand for it and once it’s finished, I plan to get started on re-fashioning some clothing I already own and a few items I’ve picked up at consignment stores.


Last year I started a new tradition for myself that I am doing again for 2011.  Instead of making resolutions, I choose a word to inspire me in the coming year.  For 2010 the word was “Create” and that translated into my goals of learning to sew and knit (which I did).  I chose the word “Challenge” for 2011.  This year I want to challenge myself physically and test my limits.  My goal for the summer is to complete 3 backpacking trips: City of Rocks, Soldier Mountains and somewhere in the Sawtooth Mountains with my sister.  I’m still working out the details but I plan to track all the miles I hike (as well as preparing for the trips) and see how many miles I travel this year.


Food.  Gosh, I love food. Hmmmm.  Sorry, had a moment.  I must be hungry! I’ve been collecting new recipes I plan to try in the next couple of weeks.  I’m on a Thai food kick these days, mostly because you can find a lot of gluten-free choices (more about that another time).  I will be posting my experiments  here.

Bookworm Chronicles:

Ugh.  If there is one resolution I made this year, it is to finish Anna Karenina. I am still only half way through the book.  I just finished the chapter when Levin and Kitty meet again and they communicate in code writing down the first letter of each word.  How on earth they understood each other, I’ll never know but I’m glad they did!  Anna is pregnant by Vronsky and Karenin is planning to divorce her.  Count Vronsky is the reason I don’t like this story.  He’s such a schmuck. (Yes, I know what that means.)

Anyway, there is more to come!



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