I speak Knitting now: * K1, P2* repeat from *

I feel the need to inform you that I do not have any photos to share from the 23 mile jaunt I was expecting to make last Saturday.  I (honestly) came down with the yucks and Friday night, instead of packing my hiking pack,  I could be found curled up on the couch under my favorite blanket sipping tea.  I do plan on doing this hike, just not sure I’ll make it this winter. 

As a substitute to the hike I missed, I did manage to put the time to good use —  I taught myself to knit!  Thanks to a surprisingly helpful video tutorial and my “I Taught Myself to Knit” starters kit I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics, I am happy to report that I can complete the cast on,  knit and purl stitch and bind off. 

If Cary Grant can knit, so can I!

From a crochet perspective, it is really different and still very awkward.  I’m still working out the right tension (right now everything is a little tight) but I remember feeling the same way when I first learned to crochet.  I’ve been practicing reading patterns and hope to be started on a real project soon (probably a scarf or cowl).


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