Poll: I need you help! And, 23 Miles or Bust!

A couple of things:

First, this Saturday I am embarking on a 23 mile hike with my hiking club (not in a skirt, btw).  Please, don’t be too impressed, the entire hike follows the Snake River for 11.5 miles to a dam and back.  I’m not scaling mountains or anything!  This is the longest hike I’ve done in many years, though, and I am curious to see how I will keep up at this distance.  This summer I re-discovered my love of hiking and have enjoyed almost daily hikes after work.  My goal is to be in good enough shape next year to start backpacking again.  I injured my back a couple of years ago (pushing a kid on a swing, no less), and have struggled with lower back pain since.  In my early 20’s,  I had a couple of backpacking adventures and really loved it.  I also met my husband while hiking in California, so there is defintely sentimental value attached to it!  I will be sure to post photos from the hike on my Wanderings page.  

Also, I am asking for your input in regards to changing the name of this site.  Vote for your favorite in the poll below.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.  Be nice, or I will delete!


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