speak to me

A poem by Rue

i wish the world spoke my language.
that is, i wish there were more
idle silences, like
honey seeping over tastebuds
sincere words, like
murmurs of water beneath the desert
gentle voices, like
a breath upon a dandelion.
no one would waste sweet air
on meaningless chatter.
there are so many useless words
clogging the arteries of the world’s heart.
so many ugly words.
such things are not needed
such sounds should not have to be heard.
the sounds of this world
echo in and out and around us
it becomes so difficult
to separate ourselves from the noise.
what is me and what is only the hum of the outside?
i filter.
without – how could i? stay sane.
the world is buzzing with things to say
so many useless things which mean nothing at all
how can we find meaning?
extract the lovely from the din, and leave the rest
to the world’s eager ears. let them be fools.
let them babble on in ways i don’t understand.
speak beautifully, filter the sounds of reality.
dream in flower-colored language,
bees dancing on my tongue.


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