badger-Badgers are like the captains of the animal badass club, I’ve decided.  You just don’t mess with a badger. Would you believe that I saw one walking on the sidewalk today in front of the coffee shop I work at on Saturday mornings?  He/She crossed the street strutting along like he belonged in the middle of town.  It was early, not many people were out, but could you imagine passing a badger on your way to get you morning cup of joe? I encountered one once while I was with one of my PSR kids. He was so much more engaged and cooperative when he was able to be outdoors and loved to hike and “look for treasures” so we spent a lot of time on desert trails around his town (this is the same kid who spent an entire 2 hour session sitting in his closet because he refused to talk to me.  I stayed the entire time because there was no way I was giving in.  He never tried that stunt again–even PSR is more fun then sitting in a dark stuffy closet for 2 hours!).  Anyway, a badger popped out of his hole hissing and scared the bejeezus out of both of us!   We took off running in the other direction while I’m shrieking and probably saying words I shouldn’t. Thankfully he didn’t come after us.

Random topic today, I know, but so was seeing a BADGER in the middle of town!


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