That’s a wrap

So, I’m posting this blog to let you know that I will be shutting this site down in a few days.  I know, I know it’s sudden but I’m giving you a few days to read through your favorite posts I’ve written over the last 2 years and save them to your hard drive so you can have them forever (I’m kidding, really).  Obviously I have been neglecting it for some time, and as our life continues to adjust and change (and quite honestly become more boring since moving to Boise) I feel it’s time to move one. 

It’s been a lot of fun for me and I admit I will miss this creative outlet but it’s time and our life is quite possibly taking a different turn and having a blog just isn’t a wise idea anymore.  After reading that sentence I feel it necessary to squelch any potential rumors and clarify that Don and I are still very much married (and quite happily despite the current stress level of our lives at this time).

If I can (of course I can, it’s still my blog) I have selected a few of my favorites from our life in Germany.  Enjoy.

1.  Where the heck is Ausfahrt, Germany?

2. A new meaning to “girls just want to have fun!”

3. Kehrwoche

4. Who could forget the dancing vampire bodybuilders

5. 4th of July Weekend

6. They Call it Puppy Love

7. The Great Escape (artist that is)

8. Die Schwarzwald

9. Sorr folks, slow week for blogs

10. Whaaa(sniffle, sniffle) whaaa…

11. We all scream for eis cream!

12. Okay, pretty much every post from September to December 2007. There, I was getting tired.

Thanks for reading my memories!


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One thought on “That’s a wrap

  1. That’s fine. We would rather hang out with you two than just read about what’s going on in your lives.

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