The pain in my…back

Maybe that title is a little much, but if you were in my spine right now you’d probably appreciate the play on words too.  Since Thursday I’ve been struggling with lower back pain that has resulted in my missing almost 3 full days of work and my husband has learned the true meaning of his vow to love me “for better or for worse” as he’s had to practically carry me to the bathroom to…ahem… pee and such, while I’m shrieking and writhing in pain.  Oh, the tremendous joy of growing older. 

Today I made a triumphant attempt to return to work, but realized it wasn’t going to work out when one of my clients had to help me out of a chair and hobble to my car.  I wasn’t comfortable with being dependent on my client–it sort of changed the whole client/social worker relationship.  Yes,  I did drive home when I probably shouldn’t have, but I made it back to Boise by sheer will.

I’ve been to a Chiropractor the last couple of days.  He took X-Rays on Monday which revealed that one of the invertebral discs in my lower spine is compressed and is causing chronic pain and numbness in my right leg and toes, here’s a visual aid for you.  Dr. Oakes says that it’s quite possible that I injured it a while ago and that my body has done all it could to compensate  When I told him how active I have been in the last few months (have I mentioned I’ve taken up tennis?) he said that it’s possible not to have any symptoms.  He explained that one slight move could basically overload the system and result in my current state.  All that I remember doing Thursday was push a little girl on a swing at a park and the pain has become worse everyday since then. 

There are moments I find myself in rather humorous situations, like the funny looks I got from a lady today in a parking lot while I crawled into the front seat of my car groaning and breathing heavily, or when I dropped all of of my change on the floor at a gas station and turned to the guy behind me and told him- “Hey, it’s your lucky day!” because there was no way I could have stood up after picking up the coins.

I’m glad to know that my inflamed invertebral disc is helping to stimulate our economy.  I may even sleep better tonight.  Maybe.


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