Things are starting to feel a little more like normal, and since we have computer access at home now I thought I’d bring you all up to speed.  Our much anticipated reunion in San Francisco was sweet and Don carried my beloved teddy bear “Teddy” all the way from Germany so that I could have that bear hug I mentioned (he does read this thing after all–oops!).  We had a lot of fun as we spent the weekend in San Jose and enjoyed beautiful weather, even better food, and a great weekend visiting with Mom Riger, which included a trip over the hill to Santa Cruz where we enjoyed a perfect Santa Cruz day.

We flew home a week ago Sunday and are slowly getting to know our new home together.  This is the most time Don has ever spent on his own in Idaho (ever) and I am finding his first impressions of living here to be quite amusing.  It’s interesting to hear him share what he’s seen and heard from his daily excursions around our mini city.  My favorite thing to do is to listen to his comments while watching the local news where the top story of the day usually includes a live reporter providing the play by play of a moped accident and the exclusive interview with the owner of Scooters of Boise,  or the traffic report at 6:30 a.m. that includes a camera shot of 2 cars in 3 lanes of traffic.  If you’ve ever met Don you can probably imagine his dry humor commentary- it certainly has me cracking up.

Today the first of two house hold shipments arrived which included some of our clothing, a few kitchen items and our television set.  This shipment is called unaccompanied baggage and is sent back to the states by air cargo and delivered faster to help military families get by until the rest of their belongings arrive, so they don’t have to buy things they already own.  The expected delivery date for the rest of our worldly belongings is May 18 or 19, which can’t come quick enough as we’ve had enough of the two of us sleeping on a full size mattress- WE WANT OUR CALIFORNIA KING TEMPUR-PEDIC MATTRESS!!! WHAAA!!!

Nook is home with us as well and adjusting quickly- who knows his Mommy and Daddy?  He loves his daily walks along the Boise River and likes to sneak up on every Canada Goose or Wood Duck  he comes across that make their home along the banks of the river.  I have taken a few pictures which I will get around to loading- it’s just not that high on the list of priorities these days.

For the most part we are content with our decision to make our home in Boise and are looking forward to meeting new friends, finding a church we can relate to and grow with and, in good time, find an old home of our own to live in and fix up together (preferably one without 2 squirrels living in the attic).  For now, we like things the way they are and for the first time as husband and wife we have the freedom to make our own decisions, not what Uncle Sam tells us to do.



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