Check In (revised)

Hi. I guess I’ve been absent for awhile and before I lose all of my readers (all 2 of you) I guess I should write a little something.

My life is in such a strange place right now, I’m not quite sure what to write about!  I’m a married woman living a life that is reminiscent of my single years minus the dating scene. Wait, I didn’t really date then either!  I don’t really have a place that is mine, I kind of just wander from one place to another.   It’s really strange being so cut off from Don, we actually have to schedule time when we can talk on the phone. We try to make contact at least once a week, but even that is a challenge since we both work full time and we have an 8 hour time difference to work around. 

Don is counting the days he leaves (literally).  He can tell you how many days and hours he has left.  He is keeping himself busy too, he has several projects around the house like going through all of his boxes and weeding out things he a) never uses and probably forgot he had, or b) things he never uses remembers he has but I told him he needs to get rid of it.  Did I tell you about the bazillion pairs of military issue long underwear he owns?  He’s also sold both of our cars- the “Thunder Chicken” our old 93 Thunderbird that has it’s own personality and our “nice” car, the Escort lovingly named the “Ghetto Wagon.”   We also call them our get out of debt cars and they have served us well, although we will not miss them.   I can tell he is starting to get excited about leaving and getting settled in Boise.  He’s already researching how long he needs to be a resident of Idaho so he can get a hunting and fishing license.

It’s good that I have a job now, there is much to learn and the work itself keeps keeps my mind off of missing him (you really don’t want to see desperately bored & unemployed Robin).  

So far I’m really enjoying the challenge of my work.  In some ways I feel like I have come back to the niche I felt when I worked at Advent in California.  I’ve already had to reach back to my experiences there with several of my clients already.  I am VERY limited in what I can share about my work here.  Let’s just say soon I’ll have a great collection of bizarre stories to share at dinner parties, if I ever go to one.

I haven’t counted it up, but I think we are close to halfway through this odd life transition and separation.  Don is scheduled to be back in the States the first week of April.  So far, it has been more than bearable thanks to friends and family that have opened their homes and made me feel so welcome.  I know I wouldn’t be in as good of shape as I am without their help.   I am very grateful.


2 thoughts on “Check In (revised)

  1. Robin! Big news here too. I haven’t been in touch in the past few weeks… we moved back to the U.S. too!

    Long story, super long but if I’m in Idaho in the next couple weeks I will call you up.

    talk to you soon,

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