To Do List: #1 Get a Job…DONE!

This blog has become more of a message board of late, but a lot has happened in the last 2 weeks since I landed in the States and I want to share it with you.  Nook has settled in quickly to his temporary home at my parents and has bonded with their dog Annie.  Aside from a rawhide bone fiasco the first few days after Nook joined the household (Nook actually slept ON his bone to keep it from Annie) they have become buddies.  I’ve seen a new side of him too-  Nook: The Hunter.  My parents have a one acre property and most of it (except for an old horse corral in the back) is a huge yard.  My Dad has planted a lot of trees and bushes in the last ten years  and it looks more like a park than a yard.  Nook loves to wander through the bushes and the foot of snow we have right now hunting for birds, rabbits, quail and stray cats. One little bird perished but we managed to pry it from his paws before he completely grossed me out.  He will spend hours outside everyday and unfortunately wants to spend hours outside every night.  Last night the two of us had a standoff after he kept me up half the night asking to be let outside, then inside, then outside again….you get the idea.

 As far as the place to live and job search goes, I’ve got a lot to tell you!   I think I mentioned I had an interview scheduled in Coeur d’ Alene a few days after I arrived in Idaho.  After spending time with family and good friends and a couple of long conversations with Don over the phone I decided to cancel my interview in Northern Idaho and focus my job search to Boise.  All I can say is that it really felt good to be home, to be with people who really know me (and love me anyway).  Boise has changed so much in the last 9 years I began to see it in a new light and the thought of leaving it all again didn’t feel right.  My very supportive husband helped me process it all by phone and we agreed that we’d like to give Boise a shot.  Don has always been fond of this area for it’s outdoor recreational opportunities, he’s a fisherman and a bird-hunter (hmm…like father like son?) and is looking forward to weekends spent together exploring the mountains, marshes and streams in the area.  Boise also offers the same education programs as the Spokane area, so Don was pretty flexible when it came to staying in Boise.

I realized I was taking a pretty big risk by canceling an interview without any other job prospects in Boise, but I am very excited to report that less than a week after my scheduled trip to Coeur d’ Alene I received a call from another agency in Boise for a similar position.  Last Thursday I interviewed with Affinty, Inc. and was offered a position as a PSR or Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist on Monday.  For those of you freaked out a little by the title of my job, let me explain.  Psychosocial Rehabilitation is a relatively new approach to working with adults and children diagnosed with mental illness. Treatment focuses on the whole person and includes the home and community they live in.  PSR’s meet weekly with clients and work together to address issues of symptom management, family relationships, financial management, independent living skills and socialization skills.  I was looking for an opportunity to work one on one with individuals again, and I am very excited about this agency’s commitment to working with and empowering clients in their own home and community environments, as opposed to living in a group home isolated from family and community support or challenges.

The next couple of months will be busy for me as I jump in to a new job (and relearn the streets of Boise).  I’m really excited about our future here in southern Idaho and can’t wait for the day that Don comes home.


3 thoughts on “To Do List: #1 Get a Job…DONE!

  1. I’m very happy to hear that you will be living in the southern portion of the state! Good luck with the new job! Can’t wait to see you!

  2. Hi Gin! Yes it’s true I’m home to stay. Watch out you may be sucked in to the same vortex I was. It didn’t help that our friends have such cute babies that get excited when you visit and know your name.

    I’m staying with Judy and Bryan a few nights a week. They offered me free room and board and in exchange for their generosity I load the dishwasher and watch Katelyn when they need to run errands, or go out to dinner together. I’m the lucky one!

    I can’t wait to see you either. We will have TIME to visit!

  3. Hey! A PRS person! I worked with one of them with a student last year! So happy for you! I hear you live pretty close to Heather – I will be in town for a conference Thurs to Fri. Are you at Judy’s or home? My conference is in Meridan…
    Hope to see you soon!

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