A welcome home rant

Greetings, everyone.  This post is just to let you know that Nook and I made it home safe and sound.  The 5 hour layover we had in Baltimore wasn’t as bad as I feared.  Nook  and I walked around a parking structure for 2 hours (luggage cart and all).  We arrived safely and on time (miracles do happen) in Salt Lake City and my Dad was waiting to take us to our hotel for some much needed rest.  I think that Nook has finally forgiven me for sticking him in a box with holes for almost 24 hours.  Boy, am I glad that’s over!

 I’ve really enjoyed being home so far, something I was a little curious about.  I have experienced a touch of reverse culture shock and since this is my blog I’m going to use it to tell you what I have noticed about America since my “re-entry.”  Please note the  following comments are my opinions, so deal if they offend you.

  1. Billboards are ugly and they are EVERYWHERE.  I’m looking for an anti-billboard coalition to join. 
  2. Those of you that think you’re cool walking around talking on your hands-free phone I’ve got something to tell you.  You are not that important.  You look like you’re talking to yourself.   I do, however, applaud you if you use it while driving. 
  3. Refer to #2 above.  If you are driving HANG UP THE PHONE, please!   Or, if you must, use a hands free phone.  You aren’t that important, either.
  4. Big trucks= annoying.  Unless you are a farmer or a rancher and actually have use for one you look like an idiot.  Or that you are compensating for something (Oh, stop.  You were thinking the same thing, admit it).
  5. Please think for a moment before you throw that aluminum can or yogurt cup in the trash.  Why not look up a recycling center in your community (if you don’t recycle already)?  Here in my parents small rural Idaho town I found a recycling center just 5 minutes from their house.  Believe me, if Mountain Home, Idaho has one your town probably has one too.  Here is a website that can help: earth911 just enter your zip-code and it will provide a list of recycling centers in your area.

Don’t get me wrong, it really is good to be home.  I’ve been able to reconnect with friends and family and will have more to tell you about in the coming weeks.  I only have access to a computer when I am visiting with friends or at the library, so I cannot tell you what the frequency of posts will be. 

 Until next time, Robin


3 thoughts on “A welcome home rant

  1. Robin… so glad you made it home safe and sound. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to make it up to your house before you left for the States.

    I’m thinking I’ll be able to go up and see Don in the next couple weeks — I don’t think I have his email address.

    Enjoyed your comments about re-entering the U.S. I don’t miss any of the things you mentioned…well put.


  2. Robin,
    Amen, Amen to all five of your opinions.
    It is really good to know that you are back home. It will be even better when Don comes home. I really love your blog and I am a big Nook fan. : )
    Grandma says “Hi!” and hugs and kisses!
    Aunt Jo

  3. HI Aunt Jo! I’m so glad you enjoy hearing about Nook’s shenanigans. I forgot to mention in the post that he somehow escaped from a locked dog kennel/run I had set up in my parents garage (to keep him from destroying anything within his reach). We think that he rolled out through a small section that wasn’t anchored to the frame. We found his bag of dogfood strewn all over half the garage. It took me 30 minutes to clean it all up. Mom and Dad finally believe me when I tell them you can’t trust him! He really is Houdini!

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