I’m nesting…sort of.


Well, we are on the official countdown to Tuesday morning.  The last five days have flown by, I can hardly believe it is Sunday night! Since my last post I’ve been in super-obsessed- organizational mode.  I’m usually a scaled down version of this whenever we travel.  I’m known to be vacuuming the house one last time while Don is loading our suitcases in the car.  I like to come home to a clean house, it helps me relax while I am gone and it’s easier to come home knowing that the housekeeping chores are already done. 

Now that you know this about me, just try to imagine how I feel as I prepare to permanently leave my home of three years and all of it’s contents in the care of my husband who will have to deal with the packing and moving our belongings. Oy, the guilt.  The very least I can do is leave the home sparkling and in order.  It’s kind of the same as pregnant women who are about to give birth and often have an urge to clean and organize.  I’ve heard it referred to as “nesting.”   I’m experiencing my own version of that except I’m preparing to leave the nest not add to it!  I will say that the urge to clean is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, even when I prepared for licensing inspections when I worked at the group home in San Jose and my girls nicknamed me “The Cleaning Nazi.”  Good thing they aren’t here to see me now!  Last night at midnight I was hand scrubbing the tile floor, baseboards and corners of the entire first floor of our house. And just before I sat down to write this I was scrubbing the kitchen cupboards and boxing up extra canned food to take to a local food pantry. 

I am sure that this has more to do with me leaving Don than leaving a clean house, but I can’t talk abou that too much right now, except to say that I really hate this part.  I wish that he didn’t have to handle all of this alone.  I’ve had moments where I’ve thought to myself, will he eat right while I’m gone?  Or, does he know how to work the dishwasher?  Keep in mind that I didn’t meet Don until our mid 20’s and I know full well that he is capable of such things, but it’s different now.  We are married and I like to know that he’s eating right and off of clean dishes.  

We were able to spend the weekend together stopping by our favorite spots and watching the Green Bay Packers game until the wee hours of the morning with our neighbors Jeff and Ed- what a great game!  The next five months will be difficult and abnormal for us but we hope that my leaving early will make our transition from free health care, etc… easier if I am able to settle into a job before Don separates from the military.  I will tell you that I have an interview scheduled next week in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho which is very encouraging for us. 

Today we went to our favorite coffee shop (one of the few that are open on Sunday’s) and conversation turned to reflecting on the last (almost) five years.  We’ve celebrated 3 promotions for Don, a Maintenance Support Professional of the Year award for the 86th Maintenance Group, 3 career progressing jobs for me, a four month deployment to Kuwait in 2004 and multiple TDY’s to other remote parts of the world. We bought and sold a home, totaled a car (me), made lifelong friends and said goodbye to them lived next to great neighbors, did a fair share of traveling while living on a strict budget, arrived in Germany almost $30,000 in debt and are leaving debt free (with 9 months living expenses in bank), started investing for retirement and added to our family with our first dog who has brought a lot of laughter into our home.  All in all I’d say it’s been a productive five years. 

There are parts of me that are sad that this season is coming to an end (I will likely never live five hours from Paris again) but I am so excited to see what is in store for us in the next five years. 

I do have just a bit of anxiety about flying alone with Nook and his gi-normous pet kennel.  I’ve thought about this a lot and have come up with a strategy for hanging around the Baltimore airport with him while we wait five hours for our domestic flight out to Salt Lake.  I mailed most of my clothing ahead of time and am only checking one bag like this one:

That way in the likely instance that I or Nook have to pee, I won’t have to drag a suitcase and a kennel into the ladies room or outside to the parking lot.  I’m also planning to befriend a security person at the airport.  I’m hoping that Nook’s ability to shake hands and roll over and play dead will help!


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