Kids, don’t try this at home

Happy New Year, everyone!

We rang in the new year at home with our friends and neighbors.  I posted a few pictures and video highlights.  Sorry, the video quality is so poor and there isn’t any sound.  We are picking up our new camera tomorrow- I REALLY can’t wait.

Let me explain what is happening in the photos and video.  In Germany (and most of Europe, I think) they have a tradition of setting off fireworks at midnight.  Just after Christmas grocery stores in Germany stock their shelves with all sorts of fireworks, rockets and those really obnoxious firecrackers that are illegal in most states back home. 

Don always gets this glazed over look just before Christmas because he knows it’s getting close.  We even added a category in our monthly budget starting in November called the “Firework Fund.”  Normally I would roll my eyes at spending money (especially Euro) on 10 seconds of fun, but since this is our last holiday season in Germany I gave the okay for Don to run a little wild with it.  He coordinated with the other guys in the neighborhood to pool all their fireworks together.  The result was an hour and a half long fireworks “show” this year.  It really was unbelievable.


Don’s arsenal- before the show.


The Grand Finale.  Do you see our neighbor Jeff’s yard?  We helped pick it up this morning.


Notice the glazed over look I mentioned.  Don earned the name “Don Kaczynski” after this. 

Kids, I mean it, don’t try this at home.


This is my cousin Judy and I (she’s my second cousin, actually, on my Dad’s side).  Do you see the family resemblance? Ha!  I have the mysterious tall gene that my Dad has too.  Judy is a nurse in the Navy Reserves.  She is stationed here for the next 12 months and works at the large Army hospital a few kilometers from here.  I’ve really enjoyed having actual family here to spend the holidays with.

Here are a couple of videos of the action on the ground, as well as from our 3rd story loft looking out over our village.  There are fireworks lighting up the sky in every direction.  Too bad this video doesn’t have sound- you wouldn’t believe how loud it is!

Tomorrow we leave for a last minute trip to Munich and Zurich.  We are planning to visit my old college buddy Ben Potter and his family.  Ben works at European Nazarene College in Büsingen, Switzerland. 

I will have new travel tales to share with you soon!


    One thought on “Kids, don’t try this at home

    1. Sounds like you had a fun New Year’s. The fireworks are crazy here in Italy, too. It must be a European thing.

      We had some friends over for fondue on New Year’s Eve. We could have used one of your three fondue pots!

      Have fun visiting Ben!

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