Our new, old love

December 26, 2002

Five years ago today Don and I were married in a civil ceremony in Idaho.  We consider this day to mark our “wedding for Uncle Sam,” but it feels strange not recognizing what took place on this day.  Neither of us imagined we would be married in a courthouse on a Thursday afternoon the day after Christmas, but a few weeks earlier Don had received orders to move to Germany for three years-something we never saw coming.  We became a quick study of the ins and outs of military orders and realized quickly that in order for me to join Don in Germany in early May after he had completed his military training I would need to be listed as a family member, or my VERY LEAST favorite military term: dependent, on his orders way before our planned April 26 wedding date.

In a matter of a week we had our first wedding planned (and stress free!).  Don flew to Idaho for a few days before Christmas, his Mom and sister Karin arrived in Boise that morning, my parents, my sister Deanna and brother-in-law Bryan and longtime family friends Judy (Clark) Appleby and Betsy Nystrom came with us to the courthouse for our 10 minute ceremony.

It’s funny what you remember later about the big moments in life.  I remember feeling my heart jump when the Judge came into the room and I felt the signicance of what was about to happen.  I remember thinking how strange it was that I was wearing a black sweater and grey skirt to my wedding.  I remember Don having to compose himself a few times when he spoke his vows to me.  I remember my sister standing next to me crying (good tears, of course!).  I remember glancing over at our family and friends and feeling their support and love despite our unusual circumstances and I remember the snow was falling when we left the courthouse and everything around us was really quiet and still.

That evening everyone drove to Boise for dinner downtown and we had a wonderful time visiting and laughing together.  At some point during dinner the soft falling snow turned into blizzard conditions and we had to drive 20 mph almost the entire 40 mile drive back to Mountain Home.  Don and I joked with Judy that she might be spending our “honeymoon” with us stranded on Interstate 84.  Actually, we would spend our first night as husband and wife sleeping on the couches in the family room because every room in the house was filled with overnight guests.  I remember laughing with Don about it from our separate couches.

Don left 2 days later to finish his school in Texas and I stayed in Idaho.  I remember feeling a little confused as to what had just happened, it all came and went so quickly.  Was I really someone’s wife now? What did that mean?  We learned how to combine two people’s finances into one over the telephone.  I continued to plan our “real” wedding without Don’s input, although he did select our recessional music “You’re My Everything” by Barry White (bless his heart).

Exactly four months later on April 26 my Dad walked me down the aisle, I wore my wedding dress, and Don and I repeated our vows once again and for the first time exchanged rings before even more of our friends and family.   We consider this day to mark the day our that our two lives joined together as one and this is the anniversary we celebrate together.  A week later we arrived here in Germany, and our 3 year assignment turned into 5. 

I still remember what I imagined (dreamed) marriage was like, it’s kind of funny looking back now.  We found out pretty quick that it’s not always fun and “blissful.”  I remember our first real fight as a married couple, two days after our April wedding and the movers were at my parents house packing up what few belongings we had together.  I wanted to bring all three fondue pots we had received as wedding gifts, but Don was adamant that we only needed one.  We brought all three 🙂 (incidently I’ve never used them- but I will! Someday.).   Honestly, there are days we have to remind ourselves what it was that we liked about each other in the first place (and sometimes there are a few days in a row).  Now, it’s five years later and our new love is settling into old, safe and familiar love.  I think we are just now getting to the good part of being married. 

Above I’ve posted a never before seen on this blog picture from our first wedding (pre- digital camera). 

Made for You- Watermark

Darling, you should know by now
But I know I need to tell you how
I don’t always have the words
So I pray that it’s my heart you’ve heard

I love to hear your heart
Telling of your love
Telling me you’ll stay (forever)
I thank you for your touch
And for loving me this much
To know the things I need to hear…

Remember I promised forever
Life brings change
But my promise is the same
And through these years we’ve been together
Life has made us grow
But through it all I know
No matter what may come
My heart was made for you forever

Darling, I need to confess
It’s hard to show my weakness
I want so much to show You strength
Without revealing everything

You know what I always say,
“When you’re weak, you’re strong, to me”
It’s another way of loving me
‘Cause when I see your heart,
I get carried through
The reasons why I fell in love with you…

Remember I promised forever
Life brings change
But my promise is the same
And through these years we’ve been together
Life has made us grow
But through it all I know
No matter what may come
My heart was made for you forever

You’ve dreamed with me
Every dream came true
You’ve shared with me every emotion
Every tear, every loss, every road that we have crossed
I have always found a home in you…

*Lyrics to a song from our April 26 wedding, you can listen to it by clicking the play button on the sidebar


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