Please pray

Usually, I tend to only write about the lighthearted and amusing things that happen to Don and I or random things that strike me as funny.  This post isn’t like that.  I’ve debated as to whether or not I would share this publicly on my blog because it is so deeply concerning to me.  I tend to want to hold on to such things, as a means of protection for me and my loved ones I guess, but this time I think I should share it. 

I have a dear friend named Judy that I’ve known since junior high school.  She and her husband Bryan (also a dear friend) are facing a very difficult circumstance.  They are expecting their second daughter in April.  We were able to celebrate this wonderful news with them and their almost 2 year old daughter, Katelyn, while they were visiting us in Europe a couple of months ago. 

Everything seemed to be going well with the pregnancy until recently when they received the devastating news that their unborn daughter was diagnosed with a condition called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia or CDH. This means that their daughters diaphragm has a hole in it and her stomach has moved up into her chest cavity pushing her heart to the side. As she continues to grow in her mothers womb, her lungs will not have room to develop.  They’ve met with doctors who have told them it is possible their daughter can survive. Judy and Bryan, their families and friends have hope, but we also understand the reality of the situation.

I decided to share this because I have to let this go and ask for your help.  Please, would you pray for my friends and their daughter?  A few weeks ago they started a blog where they share updates and news and I think it really reflects their courage in spite of all they are facing.  So, I’m sharing it with you asking that you respect it and to please pray for them.  You can view their blog by clicking this link: Appleby Family.  I’ve also added it to my blogroll.

In a few weeks I will be returning to the states and for the first time in five years I will be living near Judy.  I am anxious to get there and offer what I can to my friend.  I hope to spend a lot of time with them (as much as she and Bryan will let me) and so I’m sure that they will be mentioned in this blog from time to time.

Thanks for listening and thank you for praying.



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