The post of the Christmas that almost wasn’t, but is now


There are a couple of things I’d like to mention in this post.  They are very random and scattered, but that’s seems to be status quo at our house lately, so bear with me. 

#1  First of all I’d like to bring you up to speed with our process of relocating back to the states.  We’ve made some progress as Don was able to turn in his separation paper work today.  This means that all we have to wait for are his official separation orders, which he was told by the personnel office should be ready soon after New Years (I’m not holding my breath).  In English, this means that soon we will be able to arrange for an early flight home for me (and Nook, paid for out of our pocket of course) so that I can get on with the business of finding a job.  I’ve been able to do some networking from Germany.  So far I’ve had three agencies (2 in Boise and 1 in Coeur d’ Alene) respond to my resume asking that I contact them once I’m back in the states.

#2 IT’S FRIN- DIGGIN COLD HERE!!!  It is so cold that I could not talk myself into leaving the house today, not even for a walk, much to Nook’s chagrin.  Tonight it’s supposed to be 16 degrees farenheit, which translates to FRIN-DIGGIN COLD (in case you didn’t know).  Poor Nook’s had a tough time adjusting to the warmer temperatures in the house.  All of the heating on the main level of the home is floor heating, so he’s sort of out of luck finding a place where he can get comfortable.  He’s at the back door asking to go outside to cool off every 10 minutes it seems, which is doing wonders for our utility bill, I’m sure.

#3 Orginally Don and I had decided not to go to a lot of trouble this Christmas season, what with getting ready to leave in a few months and all.  We thought we’d just visit a couple of Christmas markets (which we’ve done) and kind of hope that it passed by quickly.  I find that I’m more preoccupied with next years Christmas!  Don and I got to talking last night and realized that a lot of our Christmas lights and some decorations are 22oV–which won’t do us much good next year.  So we decided to go ahead and put up the Christmas tree and lights today, since we would have had to go through the boxes and separate the stuff anyway (by the way, I just realized this part must sound so pitiful).  Once I started putting the tree together and stringing the lights and unpacking our ornaments I started to feel better and more “christmasy.”  When Don came home he complimented my work on the tree saying that he was glad I went ahead and put the tree up  (FYI I posted the picture I took of our tree tonight above).  He suggested that we bake Christmas cookies tonight, which we are doing now.  So, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve been de-bah humbugged just in time for Christmas.  We are making plans for the long holiday weekend (thanks, George).

#4 As to the afore mentioned Christmas cookies, tonight I learned that shortening doesn’t last as long as you think it would.  My first batch of “Melt in your Mouth Sugar Cookies” tasted more like “OMG, These Put the ‘N’ in Nasty Sugar Cookies.”  Consider yourselves informed and always check the expiration dates!  Thankfully, I have my Mom’s old standby recipe for sugar cookies so we’re back on track.

#5 And finally, some of you reading this may remember a certain blue striped afghan I started crocheting for Don as a Christmas present the first year we were dating (2001).  Well,  I am pleased to announce that after six years I will finally be giving Don his blanket for Christmas this year!   I learned how to crochet when I worked at Advent in San Jose.  One of my girls taught me a few of the basic stitches and later I learned how to read basic patterns from my friend Michelle.  When Don found out that I could crochet he asked me to make him a blanket for Christmas that year.  I’ve tried to finish it several times in the last six years (really I have) but once we were married and it still wasn’t finished Don decided that he wanted it big enough to fit on our king size bed, so the project became a little bigger then I had originally planned!  I’ve even had to buy yarn and ship it back to Germany when we’ve been home on vacation.  I have to confess, it isn’t quite finished yet, I still have a few rows and the finishing touches to go but I’m determined to have it completed by Christmas Day. 

Alright, that’s it.  I’ve covered everything I planned to mention.  To our beloved family who check this regularly for updates on our life, we love you and we miss you.   To our friends scattered all over the states and a few countries we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a fun and fulfilling New Year!

Frohe Weinachten!
(Merry Christmas)


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