Spreading Christmas cheer

I’m sure you’ve seen this before, but I bet you haven’t seen Don’s face attached to a dancing woman’s body.   I promise, it’s worth a look (by the way, it was his idea).  And if that’s not enough, here is Don as a dancing Scrooge (this one was my idea- heh heh heh).

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2 thoughts on “Spreading Christmas cheer

  1. Umm… I’n not sure why you can’t 🙂 . Are you trying at home or at work? If you are at work there may be filters preventing you from getting to the site, unless you are friends with the IT folks at Lockheed there isn’t much you can do! If you are at home, you may want to check your security settings and cookies- they may be set to high and consider it an unsecure site too.

    Anybody else have any input? I don’t want my wonderful mom-in-law Linda to miss out on Don the dancing Scrooge!

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