‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

This year Don and I decided that we would send out a
Christmas card to friends and family that included a picture of us
with our Husky, Nook.  We’ve  considered the fact that
Nook is 13 years old, and we’re not sure if he’ll be around
next year.  We wanted a family picture to remember our
first Christmas with him. We thought about trying to take a photo
ourselves at home, but then I had a better idea (okay,
NOT one of my better ideas). We (okay,
I) decided to have our picture taken with
Santa Claus last Saturday.  The Community Center on base was
hosting a photo session called “Santa Paws.” For only $5 you could
take your pet and have a picture taken with Santa. Saturday
morning, we woke up and drove to base early so that we wouldn’t
have to wait in line.  At the last minute I had the brilliant
idea (okay, NOT so brilliant) to wear matching
sweaters. By the way, if you didn’t notice, the dork level of this
post just overloaded. It could shut down at any moment, which is
probably for the best.  When we arrived there were already
several owners with their dogs in line (it seems that I’m not the
only dork).  Just try to imagine a room full of hyper, panicky
dogs barking and jumping– it was absolute chaos.  Nook,
who isn’t used to a lot of noise couldn’t help but join in with all
of the other dogs.  Let’s just say he was in a bit of a tizzy.
Finally, it was our turn to have a picture taken.  We
struggled to get Nook into place and looking in the direction of
the camera.  The photographer snapped a quick picture and we
were done.  Don took Nook to the car while I waited for the
picture to print.  At first glance I didn’t notice
anything.  I ran out to the car to show Don and exclaimed, “It
looks GREAT!”  I handed the photo to Don who started laughing
so hard he almost dropped Nook’s leash.  In between the
laughter I’m pretty sure I heard the words “red” and
 “rocket” a couple of times.  I couldn’t understand what
was so funny.  And.  Then.  I did. Nook
was very excited to have his picture
taken with Santa.  If you don’t follow where I’m going with
this, notice the bright green CENSORED
bar towards the bottom of the photo.  I couldn’t bring myself
to post the full monty as I feared this blog would be flagged as
inappropriate.  Never-mind that Don and I are
wearing matching sweaters.  Or that our dog is wearing a
scarf. nook-christmas-2007-2.jpg Merry Christmas! Love, the

We have laughed so much about this over the last
few days that I think Nook is starting to catch on.  He leaves
the room whenever we start to laugh.  And point.  This
wasn’t the Christmas memory we were hoping for, but something tells
me we won’t soon forget it. *Also, I realize that I have
just posted a picture that will likely end up as an annoying email
forward that will criss-cross the cyberworld for the next 20
years.  I’m sorry for that in advance.
Don.  He suffers.


2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

  1. That is too funny! You have some of the best stories to tell, Robin! It’s kind of like the Elaine Christmas card. At least you noticed before you sent it to all of your family and friends!

  2. It’s funny you mentioned that Seinfeld episode, Gin. It reminded me of that too. Don thinks we should send it out as is. I just can’t do it.

    I think we’ll be taking another picture here at home. Just with our faces, I think. It’s safer!

    I can’t help but wonder what Santa is thinking.

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