Beer. Monks. More beer.

One of the awesome benefits to all the walking you do when travelling is that you burn enough calories so that when it’s time to stop and eat, you can indulge a little. After a full morning of sightseeing in Salzburg, we were getting pretty hungry.  It took us a while to decide what we wanted for lunch, as is expected when you travel in larger groups. We had the standard choices: pizza, sausage stands, doner kebaps, giant pretzels, and sadly McDonalds but we decided to try something different, even if it meant walking farther to get there.

In our FABULOUS travel book that is literally falling apart because  I have used it so much, Rick Steve’s recommended the Augustiner Bräustübl. It didn’t take much convincing for Dad, Don and Bryan who were sold at the word beer.  Bryan had been carrying Katelyn in the backpack all morning, and his legs and back really needed a break. We arrived about 10 minutes before it opened at 3:00 p.m. (we were VERY hungy at this point) and Dad, Don and Bryan were the first in the door.

The Augustiner Bräustübl is basically a monk run brewery, in a monastery. It may sound strange, but in the 19th century (and many centuries before) beer was brewed in monasteries. The Augustiner monks of Salzburg, like many other religious people, brewed beer to fund their work, and monastery brew-houses still exist all over Europe today. To Europeans beer (and alcohol for that matter) doesn’t carry the same stigma as it does in the US. Europeans view beer and wine as a beverage, like tea or coffee.

If you weren’t paying attention you might just pass by the front doors to the Bräustübl.


Down the steps (notice that Don, Bryan & Dad are first to the bottom) to the long hallway of deli counters where you pay for your food.


Choose a stein from the shelf, wash it and pay the woman at the counter.  Take your receipt to “Mr. Keg” and he will fill your glass with the Augustiner brew.  Waiters will refill your drinks when you’re ready.




It was such a nice day we sat outside in the biergarten (beer garden).


Katelyn, the worlds best traveling toddler after a long day.  She never complained or made a sound, except to quack at birds. 


4 thoughts on “Beer. Monks. More beer.

  1. It really is a lovely city, I was born in Bavaria, only 30 minutes from Salzburg
    I invite you to read my blog about food, love and ceramic art in Puerto Plata,Dominican republic

  2. Oh sweet monk is right! I had more hits to this blog yesterday than ever before! Must have been all the talk about beer…or was it the monks?

    Yes, I do have more pictures and I will post them at MyPhotoalbum soon. I have a link to it in my blogroll. FYI: if you ever want copies for your own (not that my pictures are so fabulous you can’t live without them) just let me know and I will email them to you.

  3. luzcace,

    Gruß Gott!

    Thank you for visiting my blog! You have a great website I enjoyed looking at your art. You have such beautiful ceramic pieces.

    I promise if I am ever Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic I will visit your studio. I may even stay for that cup of tea you promised!

    Auf Wiedersehen

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