You’ve probably noticed by now that I’ve made a few changes.  I think they are for the better and I hope that you do too! Take a look at the modified blogroll on the right, my novice attempt at html code.  This layout doesn’t have a widget for a real blogroll so I made one myself.  Also, I added a music feature that I’m trying out, I hope it’s not to “myspacey.”  Now you can listen to music while you read, just click the play button to start. 

It’s been a long, slow week here. Don’s worked 14 hour days all week (including this weekend) preparing for an inspection.  This morning he left with a cold and sore throat which only makes the days longer for him I am sure. We will both be glad when this coming week is behind us.

I’ve been settling in to the reality that I’m not working.  There are moments I really enjoy it and think to myself “Ya know, I could really get used to being home,” and then there are other times I am so bored and I think “Yeah okay this was fun but now I’d like a job, please.” My life has suddenly become very still, and that’s okay.  I’ve needed this for a while whether I realized it or not.

Fall is here in all it’s glory, the leaves have turned brilliant colors.  The weather is cold, very cold in fact for this time of year.  Last night while Don and I took Nook on a walk he asked me what my predictions were for the first snow of the year.  This is our fourth winter here in Germany and each one has been very different.  I took a wild guess and said the 16th of December (I’ve no reason for picking that day except that I think it’s nice to say).  Don is a little more confident- he says we’ll have snow before Thanksgiving.  We’ll see who’s right. 

The kids in the neighboorhood can’t wait for the snow to come, they keep asking me if Nook can pull them in a sled.  Even though I’m sure he would love it I don’t think his 13 year old hips and legs can handle it. I’ve noticed he’s become very stiff since the weathers changed.  I told them we’ll try it once.  Truth is, I’m looking forward to seeing him play in the snow too.  Now that I’m home during the day he likes to spend a lot of the afternoon outdoors.  It’s freezing to me, but then I realize this is like his summer. While I’m huddling under a blanket sipping peppermint tea and wearing wool socks, I look out the door to the back yard and see him sprawled in the grass taking a nap- it’s a balmy 34 degrees and it’s perfect nap weather for him!

I continue to work on vacation posts in between job searching, updating my resume, walking the dog and general life happenings. I’m not in any hurry, I’ve got a lot of time on my hands and I’m trying not to take it for granted.


2 thoughts on “Makeovers

  1. I’m visiting the air terminal here tomorrow as a matter of fact to get information about flying Space A.

    I know it’s possible, but I’ve heard stories of people getting stranded for days and days. If Space A doesn’t work than I’m not sure it can happen…unless pennies rain from heaven.

    I’ll keep you posted. Only 3.15 months left for me to meet Randal in his first year! I will do my best my friend.

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