Just back from vacation and I need a break!

Alright folks, I know that it’s going on a month since I posted anything.  We took Mom and Dad to the airport in Dusseldorf on our way home from Holland and Belgium. What a whilrwind! We had a great time and put over 5000 kilometers on the rental car and drove as far south as Salzburg, Austria as far north as Amsterdam, Holland.  We listened to 3 novels on CD (you can only listen to so much German radio). 

This probably sounds a little silly and I admit does border on whining, but I am way to tired to write anything interesting tonight. Sorry. I promise in the next couple of weeks I will share tales of our adventures including Don and I scrambling to complete the closing documents for the sale of our home while travelling through Belgium and Holland. It brought us both to the brink of insanity, but we have survived. Just so you know, you can use notaries in foreign countries- and UPS is everywhere!

In the meantime, I’m putting this video up of our cute doggy Nook. This video was taken during my parents visit. We were watching a movie one night at home and kept hearing this strange noise coming from a corner of the living room. We figured out that it was Nook curled up in his bed…snoring. Enjoy (you may need to turn the volume up).


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