Smith and Riger’s National Lampoons European Vacation Post #1


The last few weeks have been very busy what with me turning the big 3-0 on the 22nd, my last week at work and preparing for my parents visit.

Yes, it’s finally happening.  After 4 1/2 years of living in Europe the first members of our family will be visiting us in Germany! We are very excited to share our home with family for the first time since we were married.  We are also looking forward to hosting a couple of “bonus visitors.” My longtime friend Judy, her husband (and friend) Bryan and their toddler Katelyn will join us for our first leg of the trip.  We are vey excited and I’m starting to think I may try a new career as a travel agent. 

My parents will arrive later this week and after a couple of days to get over jetlag we will drive to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and stay that the Edelweiss Lodge for a week. Bryan and Judy will fly to Munich and meet us in Garmisch for 4 days.  After spending a couple of days in Bavaria and Austria they will continue south stopping in Rome and on to Sicily where they will visit with the Imlah’s.  Unfortunately the three girls (Judy, Viginia and I) will not reunite together in Europe but I am sure Jim and Gin are pretty excited to show Bryan and Judy their stomping grounds (I may try to hide in a piece of their luggage).

After spending a few more days in the German Alps the rest of us (Mom, Dad, Don and I) will drive home to Ramstein and will spend the next week taking day trips to sights in the surrounding area. Unfortunately Don will be at work during the week- so I will take over as chauffer.  🙂 

For the last week we are traveling to the Netherlands and Belgium.  I am especially excited about this trip.  We will be vising the Dutch towns of Breukelen and Utrect, the hometown of the first Van Slyck (my Mom’s maiden name) to come to the Americas in the mid 1600’s.  Thanks to my Aunt Cindy who has spent several years tracing the Van Slyck family history we know that Cornelius Antonissen Van Slyck traveled from Utrecht, Holland and settled in the Albany New York area.   We will spend a night in Delft which is known for its blue and white pottery

Don and I really enjoyed our time in Belgium this past summer and we want to share that experience with my parents.  We will be staying 2 nights in the Belgian coastal town of Ostend and will make day trips to Brugge and Ghent.  We may stop in Brussels on our way to Bonn, Germany before dropping my parents off at the airport in Dusseldorf. 

I plan on updating this blog frequently with tales of our travels (trust me- with my Dad there will be stories :)).

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8 thoughts on “Smith and Riger’s National Lampoons European Vacation Post #1

  1. I can’t help but picture you Robin in the backseat of the car and Chevy Chase is driving around circles in London…”look kids, Big Ben, Parliament!” Hopefully you’ve seen National Lampoon’s European Vacation or by now you’re thinking I’m crazy.

    Hope you’re having a great time. We’ll be in Switzerland by November. Woohoo!

    ttyl, Ben

  2. I have seen the movie- but it has an entirely new meaning now that I’ve lived here! I think my favorite part is when they are lost in Germany looking for a relative and they end up staying with complete strangers. Too funny.

    Are you guys excited!!! I can imagine that you are. You’ll be here just in time for Christmas markets and Gluhwein. Yummy.

  3. I am looking for my cousin Don Riger. He has a sister named lynn (I called her lynnie laine) There mothers name is or was Elsie. The last I heard the sister lived in Aqua Dulce. Could this be part of your family??? Thank you, Toby

  4. Toby,

    Thanks for visiting our blog. I’d like to say you’ve got the right guy, but none of the information you provided is a match to our family. Sorry. I wish you all the best as you search for your cousin.


  5. Oh yeah. Don’s dad’s name is Don too. Oops. I lose the Wife of the Year award I guess! Thanks for the help brother in law. 🙂

    I will send Don (Dad) Riger an email.


  6. Dear Toby…

    If you see this please contact me. Have often wondered how you are.. Love to hear from you soon… 🙂 for email or messenger… Hugggsssss and Prayerssssss

    Dear Robin and Donnie…

    Will get an email to you before the day is out with more info.. Thanks for letting me know…

    I’ll also look forward to your future posts for more details and pictures of your trip. Looks like you four had a wonderful wonderful time… Take care and God Be With You… 🙂 Dad

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