Bad Durkheim Wine Festival

Last Saturday I joined several of my coworkers/friends and traveled to the Bad Durkheim Wine Festival. Unfortunately Don was not in the country for this trip, he was in Dallas with his sister Karin and brother-in-law David and his favorite nieces Katie and Emilie.

I’ve been in Germany for over four years now but had never been to this festival.  It professes to be the world’s largest wine festival, and from what I saw it could very well be true.  I counted over 40 wine tents that could hold at least 100-150 people (some where bigger than that).  For about 4 Euro and a 2 Euro deposit for the glass you can enjoy wines from the surrounding area which they serve to you in 16 ounce glasses. Knowing that I would be laid out with just one glass, I ordered my reisling “mit schorle” and sipped it  s-l-o-w-l-y (yes, I’m a bit of a lightweight). Germany has some fabulous wines, and Bad Durkheim is nestled right in the heart of the Rheinland Palatinate where most German wines are from.


Don took the camera with him to Texas, so I don’t have any pictures to share with you.  My friends did snap one photo of me with some fellow fest friends, which I posted above.  They were sitting a few tables from our group and had alot of people around them singing German drinking songs.  While they were taking this photo my friend told everyone to “say cheese” and they said “No! No! No! In Germany you have to say Käse (cheese in German).”


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