My husband, the closet comedian

The project I’ve been working on while Don is in Texas is to organize things in the house for a move (in case I make an early departure and move back to the states early).  I started with our 3rd floor loft storage space.  I have avoided this part of the house since we moved off base to our town house  2 1/2 years ago.  I guess I was hoping that if I left it alone it might just go away and leave me alone.  No such luck- we still have a lot of CRAP! 

I wasn’t sure where to begin so I just started rifling through boxes making piles to keep, to give away and to throw out.  I can’t believe what I stumbled across.  110V appliances we haven’t been able to use for the last few years-some of them I’ve never used.  I found clothes that I forgot I used to wear (which I might just be able to fit into again before long, thank you very much), old uniforms of Don’s, and at least 10 pairs of military issue long underwear. I can’t figure out why he would need that many pairs- but it’s best to be prepared I guess.   

One box was particularly interesting.  In it I found some old pictures Don took after he left California and enlisted in the Air Force in August 2002.  He left the day after we were engaged and I only saw him when he graduated from basic training and when we were married the first time in December 2002 -before our second wedding in April 2003 (that’s a story for another day).  He must have wanted to remember this time of his life, and took several pictures of his dorm room and roomates, his classmates and instructors.  

I sort of felt like I was intruding until I found one particular picture. It really had me laughing.  I should probably give you a little history first.  Don and I have this ongoing debate about him growing a mustache- all the way back to the dating years.  Basically, I don’t like the idea very much.  He’s had a mustache before, and well, how do I say this? I always have this urge to start giggling when I see him.  He reminds me of a man named Les Bouck that went to the same church I did growing up (who by the way was a very nice man).  It’s not that I’m anti-mustache’s in general- my Dad has had one for most of my life, and so has Tom Selleck (hubba- hubba).  But for some reason I can’t explain, a mustache on Don just doesn’t look right to me. 

Keep that in mind when you look at the picture below…


I can garauntee you friends,  this one was taken just for me.

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