Good things come in 3’s

Today, 3 good things happened to me:

  1.  I took the perfect nap.
  2. Our video store has The Office: Season 3 (Yes, I realize everyone else in the world is about to start Season 4- but I do live in Germany)
  3. I discovered that Poorly Drawn Man lives on!  
  4. poorly-drawn-man.jpg 

    (Thanks, Dave.  You have no idea how happy this makes me.)

On a different note, Don is currently winging his way to the states for a 2 week class in Texas (I would be envious if he were anywhere else but Texas).  We have no idea why they would send someone to a class who will be leaving the military in the next 8 months, but this is a perfect example as to why we are anxiously awaiting re-entry to civilian life.  Enough said.

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2 thoughts on “Good things come in 3’s

  1. Jeremy, you’ll have to tell him about it at his Poorly Drawn Man book signing. I think it’s up there with Calvin and Hobbes. Ha, ha!

    I did always think Dave would be famous for something. And not just for winning the National Spelling Bee.

    Any thoughts on this one, Dave?

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