Get a Clue


A few weeks have passed since I shared a BIG decision of ours with you, the general public, and I figured I’d better give you a little update.  Don and I have been very busy- consumed actually, with deciding what part of the world we will land in when the dust settles.  It has been an unusually easy choice (I’m still a little shocked) for both of us, and I think that most people will be suprised when we make the official announcement.  For the time being, we’ve decided to keep it off the blogosphere until we are certain.  I’ve applied for 3 jobs in the area in question: 2 nonprofit ministries (I’ve gotta use a degree in Social Service Ministry somehow) as well as a federal position working for the same agency I work for here in Germany (did you catch that small miniscule clue?).  I’m still waiting and hoping that the 2 nonprofit agenicies contact me and don’t think that I’m crazy for applying for jobs while living in another country!  I’d really love another opportunity to work in an agency like I did before at  Advent. As for the federal job, it can take weeks even months to be contacted, but we are hoping that I hear something soon.  I like what I do now, and would love to have a chance to progress in this career field.

We’ve had a lot of fun doing research on the area and in future posts we’d like to play a game with you.  I’m going to call it “Where in the World are Don and Robin?”  So, start studying up on state trivia ’cause the fun’s about to start! Also, you may find small clues scattered throughout this blog.  Nothing too obvious, we have to string this along for a little while at least.   But if you think you’ve figured it out,  feel free to leave a comment with your guess as to where we are moving.  Oh and those of you that already know…forget about it you’re automatically disqualified.  🙂


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