Good things to know.

s_e17c54f93605dec19b9e70d3183c4651.jpgI had a friend request on myspace from someone who posted this on their page.  I didn’t accept them as my “friend” but I did enjoy reading this.  I thought you might enjoy it too.
Here’s a little secret that might make credit card companies angry and potentially get them to stop harassing you with upwards of 20 credit card applications per week. Some people have known this for years, and since a fair amount of people will read this I feel that it’s my duty and obligation to share this secret with you.
There are two types of junk mail that everyone gets: coupons for junk that you don’t want, and credit card applications for credit to buy junk that you don’t need. Here’s how to take care of all your junk mail in one fell swoop: use the postage-paid envelope that credit card companies send you with their applications to send them the OTHER junk mail you receive. It’s just that simple. Imagine the frustration of credit card companies when they have to spend millions of dollars every year on first-class postage just to open up an envelope and find fast food coupons inside. The envelopes are intended to be used for “BUSINESS REPLY MAIL,” and so use them for their intended purpose. You’re sending them valuable money-saving coupons which could mean big savings to credit card companies, and it makes good business sense to use them. Consider it a reply to their business proposition with a business proposition of your own: $1.00 off a large, one-topping pizza. In fact, they should be thanking you for giving them these money-saving opportunities. Or how about sending them credit card applications from other credit card companies? Be creative.  

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One thought on “Good things to know.

  1. I like the way this guy thinks. : )

    I am so proud of you and Don. You are always in my prayers.
    Love always,
    Aunt Jo

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