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Don has been home for over a week now, and I am just now catching up on the pictures he took while he was in Romania.  Our weekly community newspaper also wrote a brief story about what took place that you may find interesting. 


It is no secret that the DoD is looking to Eastern Europe for future development of US military bases.  German intallations are not as functional as they used to be now that the Cold War is over.  I do wonder if they will allow military families the ability to move there, or if it will become what is known as a remote assignment and only the active duty member is sent to the new base and the family remains in the states for a year or 18 months.  I have to admit I’m glad we won’t be around to find out.


Here are a couple of photos from Don’s trip.  He worked 12-14 hour days on the flightline with the C-130’s and was held over a few days because, as he explained it “the plane broke” (I am still not used to hearing that).  Overall he said it was a good trip and he learned a lot.  He particularly enjoyed the view of the Black Sea from his room.  Don explained that he wasn’t allowed to take a lot of pictures–he mentioned something about it being illegal to take pictures of communist sites, and he snapped a few of the beach from his room because apparently clothing is optional at most Romanian beaches.  I am glad he spared us of that experience. 


He came home with a great tan (I was just a little envious) and brought home with him a few trinkets, a beautiful table runner for me a some chocolate and Romanian beer to try- which was pretty good.  He enjoyed the time off he had walking along the beaches,  took a dip in the black sea and tried anchovies for dinner one night- which he said were pretty good and they tasted like tuna.

Don has had the opportunity to see a lot of the world which he really enjoys, and I always enjoy listening to his stories of the people he met and the things he saw.  But I am always glad when he comes back home to me.

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