I have so much that I want to share with you in this post, but I’ll hold off on some of it until I am certain it is worth sharing.  And, to avoid a HUGE misunderstanding, all of you that are now thinking that Don and I are expecting–get a hold of yourself. That’s not the news I’m not sharing with you!  You are just going to have to wait a while longer for that announcement. How’s that for a vague timeline?  I promise we will have kids before all of Don’s hair turns silver.

As I’ve mentioned before we are sort of in a holding pattern.  We have been struggling over what the next direction is for our lives for some time.  Neither of us feel that pursuing a long term career in the military is the best decision for us and many of you close to us have been a sounding board as we have discussed and agonized over the options.  We are happy and relieved to say that certain events in the last few weeks have brought us both clarity and a renewed vision for ourselves, and our family (present and future).

I found out last week that my job will be terminated at the end of September.  We knew that this was a possibility, but the news that it was really happening brought more relief that panic.  Don and I were discussing this latest answer to prayer and were struck at the realization that the sacrifces we have made in our first 4 1/2 years of marriage are now allowing us the freedom to go in a new direction without fear.   

At the end of this month we will be debt free (except the house which may not be around much longer, but that’s another post or two away).  This has been our one goal since our first year of marriage.  We decided to re-align our way of thinking and living and cut up the credit cards.  Our decision to pay off the debt we both brought to our marriage was not easy- and living in Europe where there is so much to see didn’t help!  It has taken us a long time and only in the last year have we become super intense but we are there now and it feel so good.

If you are interested in reading about the philosophy and method we used to get out of debt we recommend you start by reading Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover  Take it from a guy that went from self -made millionaire to bankrupt-twice.   We also recommend that you watch the documentary Maxed Out, a revealing and disturbing look at the financial “industry” and our societies dependence on credit. The only part of this documentary we didn’t agree with was the young military couple that seemed to lack any personal responsibility and believed that America owed them for their sacrifice (we thought that was baloney).

This means that I am now in job hunt mode. What is exciting is that we have the abiity to go wherever we want to go. The next 3-4 months will be very exciting as more is revealed. It is likely that I will return to the States before Don to help ease our transition to civilian life.

We feel confident in the Lord’s leading as we continue to ask for clarity and peace. We would appreciate your prayers and invite you to share what decisions or circumstances may be burdening your heart. Feel free to send us a private email.

Waiting, trusting, and thriving!


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2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. We are so happy to hear that God has shown you some clarity on this issue! We will continue to pray for you and all that will be happening in your lives in the next year. Now, about having kids…. We will be thrilled to hear that news when the time comes, hopefully soon!

  2. praying for you both for whatever and where ever God leads you! yeah . . . totally thought you were going to mention you were expecting! 🙂

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