edging my way through life
sometimes feeling insignificant and small
unsure how the world is changing
unsure how i am changing
edging my way through the seems and folds
hoping for something new to discover
all i see is what is before me
my vision is limited to only that
and yet there i go
edging my way through life
not knowing what tomorrow brings
hoping the world is changing
maybe i’m small
maybe i’m insignificant
or maybe i’m changing
with out knowing
and maybe the world is as well
edging my way through life
over the curves and creases
hoping for something new
something beautiful
that my eyes will be open too

by Natalia

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2 thoughts on “Caterpillar

  1. Robin – We never know what tomorow will bring!
    Are your parents still coming to visit?
    When you’re done with your pictures, I could use some help with mine!
    Am in Gig Harbor, WA –
    After 6 grad. credits, I was asked by Garden Valley to attend a training here… I think I am tired of school before it starts!
    You’re in my prayers as you “transistion!”

  2. HI Barb!

    Thank you for your prayers. I am so happy to hear you got a teaching job closer to home. I can’t wait to visit. Yes, Mom and Dad will be here September 28- October 19.

    We plan to visit Austria, Switzerland, maybe northern Italy, Holland and Belgium. They are so excited and I can’t wait to see them and show them the home we have created here. It will be fun!

    Love you! Give “Grandpa Randy” a big hug when you see him.

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