While Don is away, Robin will…organize pictures.

Don is away for the next couple of weeks, and so I have been working on a project as I usually do when he goes somewhere.  It is the best way I’ve learned to cope with this lifestyle- keep yourself busy and it makes time go faster and your mind occupied, both I’ve found are good things.  Last summer I painted the first floor of our house three different colors, Don had no idea what he would come home to!  I promise, no paint is involved in this project!  This time I am organizing our photos. 

We have taken a lot of digital pictures over the last few years and until now I haven’t really had a system in place for organizing them.  I have been meaning to load them online for a long time should our semi-rickety computer crash before I have a chance to back them up on our hard drive or you know in case of a natural disaster or fire. 

 I’ve got a ways to go still, but you can look at what photo albums I’ve loaded so far. 


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