Whaaa(sniffle, sniffle)whaaa….

Had one of those days lately?  I did, and it was a Monday to boot.   I had made plans to meet Don at the pool to swim laps after work, but I had a few important items to pick up before leaving base: toothpaste, instant oatmeal and rawhide bones.  Unfortunately, the stores on base only carry certain items, so you have to make multiple stops to purchase everything on your list.  I look forward to the day when I can shop in a store that has everything from swiss cheese to humidifiers to windshield wipers. 

My first stop was to the BX or Base Exchange to pick up some rawhide bones.  On a normal day this would not be such an urgent purchase, but Don called me at my office today after his medical appointment to inform me that Nook pulled the lid of the trash and he found bits of corn tortilla and half of an apple in the living room and the garbage can turned over.  We usually leave something for Nook to chew on while we are at work to keep him busy, or we hide dog treats around the house to hunt for but we forgot this morning.  Dog bones suddenly became very important.  

By the way, you may not realize this but if you ever want to find out what branch of service a person is associated with just ask them if they shop at the Base Exchange or the Post Exchange.  Air Force Bases have Base Exchanges (BX), the Army has Post Exchanges (PX) and the Navy, well they always have to be different (that’s for you Jimlah 🙂 ), they shop at the Naval Exchange or NEX. 

Sorry, back to my saga.  On my way to the Commissary a.k.a. the grocery store ( I have no idea why it is called a Commissary, but I am sure there is some silly military significance behind it) I decided to drop off the bag of dog bones.  And that’s when it happened, I locked my keys in the car.   For most people this would be an easy fix.  They’ll pull out their cell phone and call someone for a ride.  It isn’t as simple for me, you see, I am anti-cell phone and refuse to carry one.  I am certain this stems from the fact that most of my jobs have required that I carry either a cell phone or a pager and so I have developed a phobia for them.  I really don’t like being that available to people.  And as for only carrying a phone for emergencies, that is a good idea, but I hate the fact that the minutes on the phone card expire before I can use them up, and yes I will admit it, I am too cheap to buy minutes I know I won’t use.  Besides carrying a phone wouldn’t have helped in this case because Don doesn’t carry one either and don’t ask me what the phone numbers are of our friends because I am lucky I know my own!

So, I decided to walk home.  Thankfully I am also very stubborn when it comes to the shoes I wear, and I absolutely refuse to sacrifice comfort for fashion.  Even if my shoes look like this:


Yes, those are Birkenstocks, and yes I do wear them to work and to church and to nice restaurants.  So what if I look like frump girl in them. I am a comfortable frump girl.

An hour later I arrived at home, having actually enjoyed my trek home.  Don was home from the pool by then, and had already made dinner!  I rang the doorbell, he took one look at me and actually guessed what happened.  I think maybe he knows me a little too well!  On a very sweet note, I was greeted by Nook with kisses and a wagging tail, and later Don drew a bath for me so I could soak my very sore feet. 

I am blessed.


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3 thoughts on “Whaaa(sniffle, sniffle)whaaa….

  1. We’re not the weird ones! Besides, we don’t have bases, we have Naval Air Stations. You can just call any of them “the exchange.”

  2. I stand corrected naval people. Actually, you guys really have it good- you will always get to live by the ocean!

    Love you.

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