Not for the faint of heart.

This evening we celebrated the birthday of our friend and neighbor Craig.  He and his wife Jillian live in front of us and have become very good friends.  We will miss them and their dog Sammy when they move to Virginia in a couple of months.  Craig is known around the neighborhood to be a pretty good cook, so in honor of Craig’s cajun roots they hosted a good ol’ Louisianan fish fry- complete with hushpuppies, cole slaw and of course fish. 

The food was fabulous, and the entertainment- well,  I’ll let you see for yourself.  In the video clip below you will see the game we spent way too long playing.  The game is simple, hold on to a small silver lever with a button.  When the light stops blinking you must be the first to click your button – if you don’t then you will be zapped by a small shock of electricity. Craig is to my right in the video and Jillian is across from me.  The rest of our neighbors are watching.  As you can see I lost,  as usual. Is anyone suprised by this?

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