Bologna, Homburgers and fries

Saturday morning Don and I woke up early, made a pot of coffee to go and drove to Homburg, a university town about a half hour from us close to the French border for a giant outdoor antique/flea market. Over the years we’ve heard about the great deals you can find on some pretty impressive pieces of antique furniture, art and porcelain. They were right! I was in antique heaven, and will definitely be back next month.

Nook joined us on this outing and quickly became a superstar. Little kids would come running from across the markt platz (market place) saying “kann ich pet Ihren Hund? (can I pet your dog?), and several adults stopped to ask his name.

We walked around for about three hours and by the time we made it back to the car Nook was very tired. It is times like this we are reminded that he is an older dog- 12 years (that’s like 84 in human years). He slept the whole way home stretched out on the backseat and he didn’t move for the rest of the day!

In other news, preparations are underway for what I am now calling Don’s 30th birthday “Extravaganza.” One of Don’s oldest friends, Rich (who was the best man in our wedding) is flying over for his birthday on the 23rd of this month. If the picture below is any indication, I think we are in for a some laughs.

We are planning (and saving) for a big road trip to Belgium and Luxembourg via Dusseldorf. Unfortunatley, I will have to go back to work and will not be able to join the them as the travel on to Italy to meet one of Rich’s friends who works for Lambourgini in Bologna (for a tour and some pasta), and then on to Dublin for a few days. Lucky boys….

I am just a little envious and am using this post an open invitation to my girlfriends- want to celebrate my 30th birthday in Spain, Portugal or Morroco this September? Anyone? Anyone?
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