evidence of things unseen

her faith
she used to have
it all together
her faith
was strong
she used to know the
answers and where
to find them
her faith was strong
she prayed
she spoke
she believed
in all the book
had to say
her faith was strong
and then
she read
and kept going
she read the words
and started to wonder
is this the god i really
want to believe in
does this make sense
this religion
this way
how many times
does she have to redefine it
to make sense
to be ok
to not be so horrible.
her faith
she said
was not built on evidence
but on faith of others
the more she read
the more she listened
the more she thought
she asked herself
is this really the book
i want to put my faith in
is this really the god
i want to trust
her faith was strong
she said
at one time
and maybe it
still is
maybe the faith not
to believe
the way she did
is really what faith is
all about


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