Sorry folks, slow week for blogs.

This week is a slow one for blogging, so I am resorting to a topic that may or may not be of interest to you. Dog hair. It has been a true test for Don and I to let go of our mutual disdain of clutter, germs, and more recently dog hair (some close to us would probably describe us as anal). Being a Husky, Nook is always shedding. Always. Sometimes when he walks by you can actually see a little trail of dog hair collecting behind him. We have purchased so many lint rollers that we have considered investing in the company 3M that makes them!

Bath time is another interesting experience. Nook has survived two baths with us, the first time it took both of us almost an hour to get him in the tub, scrubbed and dried off. After it was over, Nook was laying in the yard as far away from us as possible and Don and I were drenched head to toe. We looked at each other and Don sighed “he just kicked our a**, which was the truth.

We were determined do better this time, so with “The Dog Whisperer” Cesar Milans’ wise words we tried a different approach. Don spent a lot of time coaxing Nook into the bathroom with his favorite treat- lunch meat. After about 20 minutes he was actually sitting on the floor of the bathroom. When he was relaxed Don started to coax him into the tub, with a little help he eventually climbed into the tub. When he was relaxed again, Don started the entire process over again. And again. After repeating this three times, Nook was climbing in and out of the bathtub without resistance and we decided to implement phase 2 of our re-conditioning program.

Bath time was progressing smoothly, I even had a chance to snap a few pictures mid- bath.

After half a day of drying his super absorbent coat of hair, he was ready for a good brushing. Enter the best invention ever created for dog owners…”The Furminator” (see picture below). This fabulous tool helps to cut down shedding- 60-70%. Notice the pile of dog hair that came off of Nooks left leg- just his left leg. Yeah, he sheds alot.

You can find “The Furminator” at http://www.petedge,com It is a must for any dog owner.

I’ve gotta run, it’s time to vacuum.

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2 thoughts on “Sorry folks, slow week for blogs.

  1. Males are supposed to shed less, if you can believe that. We have a brush that’s similar to the furminator, but maybe we need the real thing. Tile floors show the hair much more than carpet.

    When Stanley was a puppy he used to jump in the bath tub on his own and hang out in there. I couldn’t find him one day, and that’s where he was. Maybe that is because we used to sometimes hide his toys in there.

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