Do chickens have large talons?

Yesterday Don and I joined our friends the Bryant’s at the nearby castle and wild park. After a week of dreary overcast weather it was so nice to be out in the sun. Potzberg sits on top of a hill about 30 minutes northwest of our village, Ramstein. The views are amazing- when the weather cooperates! Here is the website, http://

sorry it’s in German- but the pictures are awesome. We even had the chance to see a birds of prey show, which was thrilling to say the least. We sat about 4 feet from a huge Bald Eagle- check out the pictures below.

We dubbed him “The Bird Whisperer.”


A bald eagle flew inches above our heads.

He actually brushed across some peoples heads!

Don finally saw a wild boar- they are mean and smelly little buggers.

Don feeding a moose by hand- kind of sad when you think about.

A nice view of the Rheinland -Pfalz region of Germany.

An albino deer, not skinny sheep as I first thought!


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