Super Size This.

A few Saturdays ago my co-workers from Airman & Family Readiness set out on a team/morale building road trip with our spouses and families in tow to dine at the (in)famous Waldgeist Restaurant known for its distubingly generous portions. Click here for more photos, but I must give you fair warning, you may just lose your appetite:

I sat next to my boss (and one of my favorite people) Susan, and directly across from her son Ian. He convinced his parents to let him order the gross (large) schnitzel. This is the before shot…and the after shot, you couldn’t even tell he ate any of it!

Germans love their beer, but this is ridiculous! The smallest beer is a 2 liter glass of it. These guys were having a great time, they had to stand up to take a sip from the giant glass. I am not a big fan of German cuisine, in fact it took me over a year to even try schnitzel and even longer to eat a bratwurst, so this was a big step for me!

Don and I did not gorge ourselves either, we shared a klein (small) schnitzel and still had leftovers. Don did, however order a 2 liter heiferweisen which came in a boot.


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