They call it puppy love

This week Don and I will become the proud owners of a Siberian Husky named Nook.

Here is a picture of our new friend and companion:

We discovered Nook at a local military animal shelter. We had originally planned to meet a small Yorkshire Terrier named Bailey (who turned out to be a crazy devil dog), when we noticed the very sweet, and mellow husky in the pen next to the Yorkie.
While we spoke with the caretaker of the animals, I noticed that Don kept looking over my shoulder at this dog in the pen behind me. He finally asked the lady why Nook was at the shelter. She explained that a month ago his family of 12 years turned him in because they didn’t think that he would live much longer. It was so sad to think that after years of caring for this dog they could just leave him to spend his last years in a loud and smelly animal shelter.
Don and I looked at each other and that was that. We knew that we wanted to bring him home to live with us, even if it is for a short time. We spent some time with him and spoke with the Veterinarian at the shelter as to his health and life expectancy- they did not agree with the family that Nook was close to dying and actually begged the family to keep him. He may be an older dog but he is still very alert and active, they believe that he has a few good years left in him.
We are very excited to finally have a pet of our own, and plan to include him in many of our trips and jaunts around Germany. Apparently he loves to ride in the car.
Expect to see a lot of Nook in future postings!
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4 thoughts on “They call it puppy love

  1. I think he looks a little like Donnie. Congratulations!!!! He is beautiful and looks like a great addition to the family. I look forward to see more pictures.
    Love, D,K,K&E

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