4th of July Weekend

Germany has seen more sun since the start of the World Cup Games than I can remember of the previous 3 summers. I have enjoyed watching the World Cup, even though I admit I do not know much about the game (except that I played it a lot in the 5th grade). I have especially enjoyed watching the fans who are so passionate about the game, I have even seen them weep when their team loses. Germans are by nature a very reserved people and it is rare to see them express emotion freely. I have enjoyed watching the German fans cheer and rally for their team, waving flags and filling restaurants and Gasthaus’ to watch the games and cheer their team on.
Kasierslautern hosted several of the early games in the tournament. The USA team played Italy here in June (a very exciting and exasperating game if you saw it). The “World Cup Mile” is located in downtown Kaiserslautern, or K’Town to the Americans. You can find all sorts of food vendors, beer tents, and meet people from all over the world. Don and I started the long 4 day weekend by watching the Germany vs. Agrentina game at a friends house. Saturday night we ventured downtown to watch Brazil (the reigning world Cup champions) lose to France. I have posted a picture of the big screen where you can watch the games live.

On Monday Don and I took a day trip to Rust, Germany on the French/German border to Europa Park, our favorite amusement park. Europa Park is broken down into different countries: Spain, Greece, Switzerland, France, Portugal, etc…
All of the rides,and buildings reflect the architecture music and food unique to that country. Don and I ate lunch in Greece, had a snack in Spain, another snack in France and ate dinner in Italy. We rode the SilverStar, a Mercedes Benz rollercoaster in Germany and the bobsled run in Switzerland. Here are some pictures from Greece and Portugal. The one of me near the waterfall was in Austria. You can check out the website

We had a blast!

Don and Robin


One thought on “4th of July Weekend

  1. When we come visit you, you have to take us to Europa park! It looks like so much fun. BTW, was Don sampling the local German brews when you took that photo at the top?

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