Bavaria: Day 1

Hello Everyone, it has been awhile. I wanted to share with you our recent trip to southern Germany and Austria. We have been home for a few days, but work schedules and more traveling for work have kept us from updating the blog sooner. We had a wonderful time! The weather cooperated with us for the most part, however we did cancel the day we planned to drive to Switzerland because it was so cloudy and overcast…until next time.

Check out our hot ride. I wish that I could say it was really our car, but it was a rental…a real treat for Don to drive. We had to leave the “Battle Wagon” and the Thunderbird, a.k.a “The Chicken” at home (otherwise we never would have made it). This car was a blast…it was warm and sunny enough that we were able to put the top down and drive through Austria- fun!

Our first stop was the see the Weiskirche, Germany’s greatest rococo-style church in southern Germany. It is a beautiful church set in a meadow in the countryside. According to our loyal tour guide, Rick Steves, this church was built around a statue of Christ, which supposedly wept in 1738. People came to see this miracle, and so 2 of Bavaria’s top rococo architects, the Zimmermann brothers were commissioned to buid the Weiskirche (White Church)

A view as we cruised through the countryside.


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