Who could forget the dancing vampire bodybuilders…

Sorry, I am still in shock after learning the truth behind the tampon. I forgot to mention the last thing I saw at the festival. After I walked through the different vendors in town I started to make my way back to the main courtyard on my way home.  I came upon a large crowd watching this guy in a cape who was slinking through the crowd trying to be scary.  My first thought was that fasching is over- why is this guy still dressed up in a costume? He slowly made his way up to the stage as the music faded out. I started snapping pictures because I had a feeling that something was about to happen. Another techno song started up (Germans really dig techno music) and you can see above what followed. My friend Shawna and I were laughing so hard that people around us(who were actually enjoying the show) started giving us dirty looks. We had to leave because we couldn’t stop laughing. Hope you enjoy.


P.S. I should mention that when Shawna and I got home and told our husbands about what we had just seen, Don looked at the pictures and said- “Hey the vampire is our mailman!” So, there you go…now you have seen a picture of our Bunderpost Man.


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